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Two Girls One Call 

Taylor co- hosts her own comedy podcast live every Wednesday night @ 7:30 PM on UNMUTE. 

UNMUTE is a new app recently featured on Apple's "Best New Apps." 

UNMUTE has redefined the phone call by building a platform that broadcast LIVE group calls where listeners become part of the conversation. 

UNMUTE is the first podcast where YOU can talk on the podcast too...at the of hit a button you could participate in our games, topics, riddles or share really anything you want. 

To learn more or download UNMUTE click here http://www.itsunmute.com.

What people are saying

"Really great job sweetie, you're great on it! But, I still think I am the best part."

                                      --Taylor's Mom

"You're actually funny. Good job at not sucking."

                        --Taylor's Brother

"Um.. Witty. Your voice is also good for the radio. Not annoying."

                            - Taylor's Boyfriend